Pinterest 101: What is Pinterest?


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I have loved Pinterest since I was first introduced to it by a college roommate about 6 years ago. However, it wasn’t until more recently that I discovered the power of using Pinterest for business. When I mention to people that I specialize in Pinterest marketing, I’m usually met with one of two responses. The first is, “What is Pinterest?” The second is, “Isn’t Pinterest just for finding recipes and craft ideas?” I’m here to tell you that Pinterest is so much more than just recipes and craft ideas!

Despite frequently being grouped together with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Pinterest is not a social media platform. Instead, it is a visual search engine.

“What is a visual search engine?” you might ask. It is similar to Google where a user goes to the site and enters a search term, however, the results are “pins”, images with descriptions and links to content. Users can save these pins to “boards”, which are essentially user-curated vision boards or collections of related ideas. You can also save pins to boards directly from a website using the Pinterest toolbar extension or sharing links embedded in the website.

Pinterest is a place for ideas, inspiration, and information. You can find everything from recipes to interior design inspiration, craft ideas to money management tips, social media marketing tips to lesson plans for teachers. People use Pinterest for planning, finding information and solutions, discovering new products, and more.

While it isn’t a social media platform, there are some social components within Pinterest. You can send pins to other users, follow other users’ accounts and boards, leave comments on pins, tag users in pin descriptions and comments, or indicate that you’ve tried the pin. You can also create group boards. These are boards that can be pinned to by users that have been added by the board creator and are useful for collaborating and sharing ideas.

Are you currently using Pinterest? If so, how do you use the platform? If not, what questions do you have about Pinterest? Let me know in the comments!

Next up: learn why you should be using Pinterest for your business!

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