Introducing Pinterest Communities

Pinterest has always maintained that it is a search engine, not a social media platform. It’s becoming a little more social with the introduction of Pinterest communities. This new feature was quietly rolled out to a limited number of users over the past month.

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What are Pinterest communities?

Pinterest communities are a new social component, joining messages, comments, and groups as ways to interact with others on the platform. They seem to combine the functions of Pinterest messages, Pinterest group boards, and Facebook groups.

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What do we know about Pinterest communities so far?

Pinterest community names are unique

Once a name is taken, it can’t be used for any other Pinterest communities. When creating a community, make sure the name is clear, relevant, and includes keywords. Since the names are unique to each community, you may feel tempted to go overboard and create an abundance of communities for your niche. Do not give into that temptation!

You can only create 5 communities

One of the few things Pinterest has outright said about communities is that they will delete a user’s communities if they create more than 5 per account. The idea of communities is to engage with other users, so create a few communities that are relevant, helpful, and engaging.

Communities are designed for engagement

Similar to Facebook groups, you can start a discussion in a community as well as like and reply to discussions. You are also able to share pins directly into a community. Make sure you are following the community’s guidelines and do not be spam the community with self-promotion! If you do share pins with the community, it’s good practice to add a comment describing the pin and why it’s helpful.

Anyone can join a community

All Pinterest communities are public. Anyone can search for and join a community once they have access to Pinterest communities as a whole. The creator of the community, who is the admin by default, is able to ban users from the community if they don’t follow the guidelines of the community.

How do I get access to Pinterest communities?

So far, you need to be invited to join a Pinterest community to gain access to the feature. Once you join one community, the “Community” tab will appear between “Home” and “Following.” You will also have access to create communities and join more.

Here are a few communities you can join:

  • Pinterest Communities – this is the official community of the Pinterest team, where they are sharing updates on the Pinterest feature and you can share feedback and ask questions. I suggest joining so you can get the most up-to-date information on the functionality. For example, they are currently blocking the ability to share pins from your own domain in a community in order to encourage authentic engagement.
  • Bookish Boss Ladies – this is the community for Bookish Boss Ladies, the book club for female entrepreneurs. Join this community to discuss books for both personal and professional development!
  • Simple Pin Pinterest Marketing Group – Simple Pin Media – this is a great community to discuss Pinterest marketing for business, created by Simple Pin Media.

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How do I create a Pinterest community?

To create a Pinterest community:

  1. Select the “Community” tab
  2. Click the “Create Community” button at the bottom of the “Your Communities” list
  3. Add a cover and enter a community name and description. The currently recommended cover dimensions are 1440 px by 300 px
  4. Click “Create”

That’s all there is to it! As the community creator, it is also recommended that you create a “sticky” post with guidelines for the community. To do this, create the post in your community, select the “…” menu icon, and select “Sticky post.”

The big question about Pinterest communities

There is one big question about Pinterest communities going forward – how will the average Pinterest user utilize communities? Currently it seems like the majority of Pinterest community members are marketers and content creators. This may be a good channel for marketing, especially if your ideal audience includes bloggers and small businesses, but time will tell if Pinterest communities are also embraced by non-business Pinterest users.

What are your thoughts on Pinterest communities? How do you plan to use communities? Do you think average Pinterest users will be as active in communities as marketers and content creators? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Pinterest communities, so drop them in the comments below!

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